When to Get Your Senior Dog a Stroller

When to Get Your Senior Dog a Stroller

Dogs are very social creatures and really enjoy going places with their favorite people. However as they age, they often face mobility issues and simply can’t walk long distances or enjoy lengthy outings.

A pet stroller is definitely the answer!

Find the Right One

There are many different types of strollers on the market. Push-style strollers that resemble kid strollers come in all sizes.  Stroller carriages that you can hitch to the back of your bicycle can also accommodate both small and big dogs. The latter are ideal if you are used to riding your bike and taking your dog along with you to run alongside. This way, your dog can still enjoy the outing without putting any stress on his joints. And a bicycle basket that attaches to the handlebars of your bike is ideal for a smaller dog to come along for the ride. 

Along for the Ride

It’s a good idea to discuss a senior dog’s exercise program with your veterinarian. An ideal compromise for an older dog is to allow him to walk one way on an outing and put him in the  stroller for the ride home.

If your dog can sit comfortably in a stroller, it also opens doors to taking him to places where he may not have been allowed to walk such as inside stores.

Make it Convenient

The latest strollers all have pockets and places to put doggie water bottles and treats. If your senior dog suffers from incontinence it’s a good idea to line the push stroller or bike trailer compartment with a puppy pee pad and be sure to keep extras in a stroller compartment too.

Strollers fold flat so they can be placed in the cargo section or the trunk of the car and taken with you wherever you go.

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