The Best Products for Dogs Post-Surgery

The Best Products for Dogs Post-Surgery

Dogs who are recovering from surgery often have a hard time getting comfortable so they can rest and recuperate. Fortunately, there are many products that can assist in them getting to relax and heal. 

Often the biggest problem is not being able to access favorite sleeping places or getting into the car so that they can go along on an outing. A ramp will solve many access issues. Vehicle ramps come in different lengths allowing pets to access the passenger side of the vehicle as well as the higher cargo areas of a SUV. The longer ones fold flat so that they are easy to put in the vehicle to use at the destination. 

Similarly, an indoor ramp placed alongside the bed or a favorite sofa will allow your pet access to this special snooze zone. 

A lift harness is an excellent accessory to help a medium or large-sized dog get up from a resting position so that they can slowly get some exercise. Solvit makes an excellent selection of full body and rear lift harnesses for dogs of all sizes.  Using such a device relieves the strain on their joints and on the surgical wound area.

Often, post surgery, dogs have to wear a cone to prevent them from trying to lick the wound and attempt to remove bandages and stitches.  Cones provided by the vet’s office are often the rigid kind that can be very uncomfortable. You can greatly improve your pet’s level of cone comfort by investing in a soft padded design. There are also special gel patches that contain natural calming essential oils called Calm Paws that are designed to attach to a cone to help relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with the healing process.

Surgeries are hard enough - make the healing process as easy on your dog and your family as possible by researching the products that will best fit into your home and support your dog's lifestyle. It's a worthwhile investment!

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