Six Items Sure to Be on Your Senior Dog's Holiday Wish List

Six Items Sure to Be on Your Senior Dog's Holiday Wish List

Dogs are considered seniors at the age of seven years, and, geriatric from the age of 11 years onwards. And, because they are living longer lives, it’s important to take their age into account to ensure their comfort and safety both at home and when out and out. That's where this year's holiday shopping comes in handy. When creating a list of presents for them, think about both what they want and what they need.

If senior dogs could come up with their own wish list, we think they’d be asking their pet parents about the following accessories that improve their general wellbeing.

1// Raised Food Bowls. As dogs age and suffer from arthritis and join issues, they struggle to eat comfortably from a food bowl on the floor. A raised bowl allows them to stand or sit and the right height to enjoy a meal. There are many designs to choose from for dogs of all sizes.

2// Steps and Ramps. Steps placed alongside the couch or bed gives a senior dog the opportunity to independently access a favorite snooze zone. A ramp is also an excellent accessory for them to get in and out of a vehicle. And there are special accessories available so that a ramp can be used alongside a passenger side door as well as the cargo area.

3// Orthopedic Dog Beds. Beds with nice big bolsters on all sides are great for keeping the draft out.  A memory foam mattress will give an extra level of comfort for aging joints too. You can improve your pet’s comfort level by further ensuring the bed is placed away from drafty windows and doors.

4// Toys for Seniors. When shopping for toys, look for products specially designed for senior dogs so that they can still enjoy fun and games -- and a good chew -- without damaging their teeth. Many brands provide such information on their packaging.

5// A Pet Stroller. Exercise is key to maintaining overall good health. But as dogs age many are unable to walk the same distances they used to. A stroller is an excellent investment. This allows them to walk as much as they can and then hitch a ride home.

6// Time Outdoors. A dog park that caters only for senior dogs would ideally be a zone where they could interact with canines that are also less boisterous in their play. In the absence of a senior park, your dog would enjoy a slow stroll in a pet-friendly general park in order to stop and sniff at his own pace.

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