Kitty’scape™ Expansion Kits and Accessories

Expansion Kit “A” #62381; Scratching Tray #62382; Penthouse Canopy #62383; Hammock Hideaway #62384; Adventure Bridge #62386; Natural Wood Column #62385; Wood Bridge #62387
“A Whole New Way for Cats to Play”
Kitty’scape is a whole new concept in cat play structures, giving cat owners the ability to assemble components any way they choose to build a custom play structure for their feline friends. Expansion kits and accessories allow for additional customization and even join multiple kits together to make a cat playground!
This page only covers accessories - for information on full Kitty’scape structures, check out the Kitty’scape Complete Kits page.

Expansion Kit “A” includes (#62381):
Oval platform; 3 long columns; 2 short columns, multiple connectors. Great for adding another layer to an existing structure
Adjustable Scratching Tray (#62382): Connects to any column on an existing Kitty’scape structure. Can be positioned at various angles and even suspended vertically. Replaceable corrugated scratching section includes catnip for added scratching enticement!
Care & Use Guide for Scratching Tray & Insert

Penthouse Canopy (#62383):
Attaches to Penthouse Perch to provide a private space for cats to relax.
Care & Use Guide for Penthouse Canopy

Hammock Hideaway (#62384):
Attaches to any Oval platform to provide hiding space for one or two cats to relax.
Care & Use Guide for Hammock Hideaway

Adventure Bridge (#62386):
Joins two structures by connecting two platforms at same or different height.
Care & Use Guide for Adventure Bridge
Wood Bridge (Model #62387): Joins two kits by connecting to two platforms at same height. This item not available until late Summer, 2012
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