Keeping Calm on the Road

Keeping Calm on the Road

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

This sentiment is not only expressed by children excited to get to a destination after a long drive; many dogs probably feel the same way, especially if they do not enjoy road trips.

For many dogs, the reason they are uncomfortable on the road is because they suffer from motion sickness. If you think this could be an issue with your pooch, its worth a discussion with your veterinarian as there are prescription medications such as Cerenia that can be prescribed to ease the situation.

There are also a variety of holistic calmatives that will help them relax and have a more enjoyable ride:

  • It’s a good idea to add a few drop of a product such as Rescue Remedy to the water bowl for a couple of days in advance of the journey. Then freeze water in a drinking bowl with Rescue Remedy in it as well so that your dog can lick it en route.
  • For dogs that are restless and can’t settle, a garment like a ThunderShirt may be a good idea to relieve stress and any induced anxiety. The principal replicates the swaddling effect that mothers use to calm small babies.
  • There are other devices such as the Calmz Anxiety Relief System, a small device that fits into a vest that delivers calming frequencies that the dog can hear and feel, over specific acupressure points on a dog’s spine. This new NeuroSync™ technology has been clinically tested by leading animal behaviorists and has demonstrated statistically significant reduction in negative behavior associated with common canine anxiety.
  • Taking along your dog’s favorite toy will also help to keep him engaged. So will special distraction toys such as a Kong filled with peanut butter.
  • Finally consider playing classical music on your travels.  There is also special bioacoustic music for dogs composed by Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector called Through A Dog’s Ear. It may sound a bit weird to the human ear, but hey, if it keeps your pooch calm, it may be worth it.
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